The QA6 is an elegant footstool featuring a 6 inch leg; hand-made and available in natural oak, medium brown oak and dark red mahogany finishes.


QA6 Small (H 19 x L32 x W32cm, to suit canvas size 31.5x31.5cm)

QA6 Medium (H 19 x L43 x W33cm, to suit canvas size 40x30cm)  

QA6 Large (H 19 x L48 x W30cm, to suit canvas size 46x28cm)      

QA6 Square (H 19 x L43 x W43cm, to suit canvas size 40x40cm)    


QA6 Small  - Natural oak finish £65.00

QA6 Medium- Natural oak finish £69.00

QA6 Large - Natural oak finish  £75.00

QA6 Square- Natural oak finish £75.00

Medium brown oak finish £14.00 extra

Dark red mahogany finish £14.00 extra

    These prices are inclusive of VAT @ 20% and UK mainland delivery.

QA6 Footstool